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2019 Goal 4: Use Less Plastic

I have now been making an effort to reduce the plastic use in my home from the start of the year. My first few easy to implement changes were to stop buying liquid soap in bottles and change over to bars of soap and to take my own containers and cloth bags to the shops. Neither of these solutions takes much effort but they can have a huge impact.

The book No. More. Plastic. by Martin Dorey lists the top 15 items that wash up on our beaches and these include Drinks Bottles, Drinking Straws/Plastic Cutlery and Plastic Bags.

What I have realised from reading this book is that you are not just reducing your waste and helping the environment by using less plastic, you will also be saving money. For instance, Martin works out that if you buy a litre of bottled water a day (this is in the UK) where it costs between 30p and 60p per litre you will spend roughly £220 per year on bottled water, which is available from the tap.

Another one of my changes is to stop buying my kids bottles of juice for their packed lunches and to instead send them in to school with a reusable stainless steel bottle. These may seem like a large outlay at the start but if you calculate spending £1 per day on a drink then they pay for themselves in 2 weeks.

If you want to see more ideas from the No. More. Plastic. book then follow the hashtag #2minutesolution on Instagram. What changes are you going to make in 2019?