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2019 Goal 2: Diet and Train for a Healthier Me – Some Background

I am continuing to work on the steps required to achieve each of my goals for 2019. Goal 2 is about getting control of my diet and training to improve my overall health. Below I will provide some background on my diet and training experience to date and the steps I intend to implement to help me realise this goal.

Background to improving my health

I have tried many diets and training routines over the course of the last 10 years. In addition to 3 pregnancies I have competed in 3 local bodybuilding competitions. My weight has fluctuated along with my pregnancies and competitions with me going from 9 stone 4lb at one point right up to 13 stone. Training is a passion of mine and although it has taken a back seat in the last year I am excited to get back at it. I do find it difficult to get a grip on my eating habits however. At this stage in my life whilst I would like to lose some weight and improve my body shape my main focus is my health.

I will take some time later in this blog to provide details on my training which includes weight training, and both high intensity and low intensity cardio training. In addition I intend to share my diet plans alongside recipes and meal prepping tips. Do you want to improve your health in 2019?

Baby steps for goal 2

This goal involves my diet and training so there is a lot to consider. I am taking a bottom up approach and instead of changing lots of things in one go I will make gradual changes which will add up over time. My first few baby steps for diet are to eliminate sugar from my coffee, start the day with a pint of warm water and lemon, take one tablespoon of ground flaxseed a day and donate or throw out any remaining Christmas junk food. In terms of training I will start with my 20 minutes walking everyday (goal 3) and 3 weights sessions a week at the gym. I trained shoulders and triceps tonight and although it was sore I am so grateful to be back training again.