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2019 Goal 8: Involve the Kids and Further their Education at Home

In this post I would like to discuss the final goal I have planned for 2019, to involve my children in my goals, where possible, and further their education at home.

I have often thought I would like to educate my children at home and as a result I have carried out a lot of research into home education. I am a trained tertiary level educator and lecturered in Computing Science before I became a stay at home mother. I feel it is an extremely good way of educating children as long as both the parents and the children are in complete agreement. As it stands both my older children absolutely love school and do not wish to be home educated, therefore my current plan is to supplement their school education with projects and activities at home. My youngest is still an infant so he is with me all day learning anyway.

I have already outlined all my personal 2019 goals in previous posts about what I would like to achieve as an individual, but as a mother of 3 I also have a responsibility towards my children to make sure they are getting exposed to ideas, habits, activities and skills that will help them to grow as independent people.

With all that said I hope to share some of our family projects and activities on this blog. I have some topic led lesson plans in development and some friends lined up who will help me and the kids to improve our practical life skills. What are your favorite activities to involve your children in?