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2019 Goal 2: Diet and Train for a Healthier Me – Recipes

So I am into week 3 of the new year and today I want to discuss my 2nd goal which concerns dieting and training for my health. Just before I get into that though I wanted to share an excellent article with you. It is ideal for people who have either not made any resolutions for the new year and want to or have made some but have since found they couldn’t keep up.


Halfway through January is the normal time when the shine wears off the resolutions from the New Year and sticking to them seems harder. Remember don’t be too hard on yourself, you can always start again, take a step back or wait a while. Reassess why you wanted to make the goal in the first place and perhaps you will be able to rekindle that resolve. I particularly like the idea of making a vision board and I am working on one for this goal which I will share with you when it is complete.

Read article on New Year’s Resolutions.

Recipes for Health

When I provided some background to this goal I explained that I wanted to take a bottom up approach. Basically that means that I am adding small steps every week to my routine instead of trying to change everything at once. In the first week I started a new morning routine whereby I have a glass of warm water and lemon and a spoonful of ground flaxseed before I have anything else, I have cut out added sugar from my diet and I am training with weights 3 times a week. In the second week I added in one cardio class a week and started to incorporate more protein into my diet.

This week I am starting to include more healthy recipes. It is important to me that my recipes are healthy, quick and easy to make and tidy up from and that the children can share them. I wanted to share a few of them with you here:

How to make a Banana and Strawberry Smoothie with added protein

How to make a Coconut and Blueberry Health Shake that the kids will love.

A Healthy Dessert with Avocado, Coconut and Chocolate

The Perfect Breakfast Food; Protein Pancakes

All of the recipes above are ones I make myself on a regular basis. Click the titles to view the full recipe for each on HubPages. I have written each of the posts I have linked to and am currently earning passive income from them. If you want to read more about how I do that see my previous post; 2019 Goal 1: Making £1,000 per Month Online – HubPages.

Since I started this goal I have now lost 6lbs in weight, and while that is not my only focus I am starting to feel better for it. Have you implemented any new habits to improve your health this year? If you want some weight loss tips check out tryadietforaday.com it is full of interesting posts.

2019 Goal 2: Diet and Train for a Healthier Me – Some Background

I am continuing to work on the steps required to achieve each of my goals for 2019. Goal 2 is about getting control of my diet and training to improve my overall health. Below I will provide some background on my diet and training experience to date and the steps I intend to implement to help me realise this goal.

Background to improving my health

I have tried many diets and training routines over the course of the last 10 years. In addition to 3 pregnancies I have competed in 3 local bodybuilding competitions. My weight has fluctuated along with my pregnancies and competitions with me going from 9 stone 4lb at one point right up to 13 stone. Training is a passion of mine and although it has taken a back seat in the last year I am excited to get back at it. I do find it difficult to get a grip on my eating habits however. At this stage in my life whilst I would like to lose some weight and improve my body shape my main focus is my health.

I will take some time later in this blog to provide details on my training which includes weight training, and both high intensity and low intensity cardio training. In addition I intend to share my diet plans alongside recipes and meal prepping tips. Do you want to improve your health in 2019?

Baby steps for goal 2

This goal involves my diet and training so there is a lot to consider. I am taking a bottom up approach and instead of changing lots of things in one go I will make gradual changes which will add up over time. My first few baby steps for diet are to eliminate sugar from my coffee, start the day with a pint of warm water and lemon, take one tablespoon of ground flaxseed a day and donate or throw out any remaining Christmas junk food. In terms of training I will start with my 20 minutes walking everyday (goal 3) and 3 weights sessions a week at the gym. I trained shoulders and triceps tonight and although it was sore I am so grateful to be back training again.