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2019 Goal 4: Use Less Plastic

Today I started thinking about my 4th goal for 2019, to use less plastic. This goal is actually larger than just reducing plastic use it is about trying to be more conscious of the waste we produce as a family and to find ways of reducing all of it. This waste includes excess clothing and toys, food waste and packaging to name a few.

Some of the baby steps I intend to take this year are using cloth shopping bags and taking my own containers to the butchers and green grocers, also shopping local to save on fuel costs and finding alternative presents for my 3 children’s birthdays that do not include plastic toys.

To gather some more simple ideas I have just bought No More Plastic on my kindle, I will do a full review when I have read it.

No. More. Plastic.

As a fun project to involve the children in I have been researching eco bricks and how they can be used to build structures. These bricks can either be donated to a large scale project or used in your own garden. Have you ever made an eco brick?