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2019 Goal 3: Get Outside Everyday

My 3rd goal for 2019 is more about habit creation. I have found that because my work is all on the computer, and I have to do it in small time-slots whenever I can fit it around the kids, that I have allowed myself to go days without leaving the house. This is obviously not healthy for me and I felt I needed to make walking outside a separate goal on its own to remind me how important it is to get sun and fresh air.

I have been reading two books recently by the author Richard Louv on the issues surrounding not getting outside enough to enjoy nature. There are also some practical suggestions for activities both adults and children can do to help them reconnect with the natural world.

It is an issue that effects children especially in this technological age and so my goal to get outside everyday includes taking my kids along too. To help me stick to this goal I have downloaded a free habit motivation chart. Once I have been using it for a while I will share it here and also where you can get one of your own. Have you heard of “nature-deficit disorder”?