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2019 Goal 5: Declutter and Organise the House

I have been working on decluttering my house for many years and it is something I frequently start and then forget about. This year I want to commit to setting aside 15 minutes a day 5 days a week to getting my house in order. I will be using the same habit creation technique, using a habit motivation chart, as I implemented for goal 3.

This 15 minutes is not for the regular everyday cleaning we all have to undertake such as cooking, dishes and laundry. This is especially for those areas in the home that gather clutter and those boxes that are stuffed with things from when we have quickly “tided” before the guests arrive. My biggest issue is paper clutter and clothing so those will be my primary focus. What is your biggest clutter issue at home?

If you want some tips on getting started check out this useful article on making decluttering a healthy habit.

I have recently finished watching “Minimalism: a documentary about the important things” and “Expedition Happiness” on Netflix and I am now reading some books on the subject. Check these out if you haven’t heard of them.

We are now into week two of the new year and I have found I am still excited about making the changes required to achieve my goals for 2019 – how are you getting on?