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2019 Goal 3: Get Outside Everyday

Today I want to discuss more of the background to why goal 3 came about and start to explain the benefits I have found in implementing it by getting outside everyday, or at least most days.

The Giants Causeway

Being someone who is a self proclaimed geek I used to find days slipping by on the computer, whilst focusing on a project, only to realise that I had not been outside at all. I hadn’t always been like that, becoming a mother and working for myself seemed to be when I found it harder to take a break as I was always trying to fit in a bit more work before returning to household duties.

That was before I started to make a conscious effort to get outside. This goal did not just start with the new year, if I am honest it has been something I have been working on for quite a while.

Mourne Mountains

It is easy to make excuses to not go outside, especially if it’s cold or wet, or it takes you away from what you feel is more important, like your work, but it is essential for both our mental and physical health.

To help me achieve this goal I have been habit tracking everyday. The process of habit tracking gives me the opportunity to see myself making progress and sticking to my goal. Modern thinking estimates it takes 66 days to form a new habit so I am almost halfway there.

Habit Tracker

I have my habit tracker on the wall in the kitchen so I see it daily, I am also using it to track my decluttering. My daily goal is 20 minutes but if I don’t get out one day I let it roll over to the next. These trackers are easy to make but it you fancy getting a premade one hop over to MythsOfTimeArt and grab yourself one.

MythsOfTimeArt Habit Tracker

I know some people do not have this issue and taking a break from things comes easy and that is great. This post however is aimed at people who like me find it hard to switch off and slow down.

Slieve Gullion Giant’s Liar

Since I started to make more time to go out and join my family on trips, prior to this my husband frequently took the kids on his own to let me work or catch up on housework, I have been happier in general and actually more productive when I work.

I have also really enjoyed looking back on the photos of the trips we have had and my kids are thrilled to have me along. I will admit there are times I still stay behind but I am a work in progress.

Beach on Antrim Coast Road

Life seems to be supercharged these days and everyone is busier than ever, sometimes it’s OK to stop and enjoy the wonders and the people around us. Do you make time to get outside each day?